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Track Cases

Store and track cases including evidence, documents, notes, and tasks.

Track Evidence

Enter and store evidence and create child evidence. Track your evidence from intake to release including movement within your lab.


Review an array of stats about the evidence and casework in your lab. See how much evidence you intake each year or pull monthly trends.

Create Task Lists

Create custom tasks to be completed and assign them to members of your team. Always stay on top of the work.

Record New Inquiries

Keep track of new requests for forensic services before they are accepted. Create a case from the inquiry when the client has accepted.

A Simple and Effective Desktop App

Use a modern and responsive interface to manage your casework and evidence.


Enter and track cases with custom case numbers and related clients, evidence, notes, and more.


Record evidence items by unique ID and enter details like model number and serial number.


Enter and track storage devices which may contain digital evidence such as case files and forensic images.


Keep track of your physical assets including price, purchase date, and asset tags.


Create task lists and tasks which can be assigned to users and record time spent on casework for lab management or invoicing.


Store any documents or files related to the case for easy access and review.


Store your data locally in a MySQL database which is easy to install, backup, and can be used on any appliance you choose.


Record any new inquires before they become accepted casework. Store quotes and other related documents.


Keep a client list which helps with repeat clients and for marketing or sales development.


Keep track of forensic images or extractions that have been acquired from evidence items.


Keep track of your forensic software. Monolith allows you to track annual costs and licenses of all the forensic software you use.


Create contemporaneous technical notes with timestamps, unique tags, and user ID.


Generate a case report populated with case details for use with archiving or as a template for a forensic report.


Use custom case numbers, evidence numbers, case types and more with Monolith. Custom options are being added regularly.

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