Monolith Pro Release Notes

  • Monolith Pro Release Notes

Version 1.5.1 - 10/10/2020

Custom Evidence and Storage Labels:
  • You can now import and use custom DYMO labels.
  • Create a label using DYMO's label software and upload it in the Customization settings in Monolith.
  • When creating a label use these variables for Monolith to use when adding dynamic content:
    • #case_number
    • #evidence_number
    • #storage_number
    • #location_name
Monolith User Portal - Login/Sign Up:
  • I have launched a user portal for trial users and current customers
  • You can access you license details, downloads, and documentation.
  • The portal also has an offline license generator that works with Monolith.
  • Register an account with the portal using the email address associated with your current or trial license.
Offline License Generator:
  • This is located in the Monolith User Portal.
  • Monolith now has an activate via license file options.
  • Copy the code given to you by Monolith and paste it into the Offline License generator in the user portal. This will create a license file for that workstation that Monolith will use to activate.
  • This solution is for those that have air-gapped labs or have trouble with the online activation.
  • Please request access to this feature if needed.
  • Handled use case related to adding "Active", "Standby", or "Closed" case statuses. "Active" and "Closed" are permanent options that can't be removed which caused duplications to occur when explicitly added.
  • Fixed evidence type dropdown bug - the dropdown was duplicating under certain scenarios.
  • Fixed storage item delete bug.
  • Fixed the "My Cases" card view in the "Overview" section - duplicate cases were displayed based on user assignments.
  • Fixed acquisition size bug - acquisition edit would error when the size value was left blank.
  • Fixed evidence load bug - caused an error when loading evidence with Linux based MySQL installations.
  • Adjusted the Filter dropdown - adding several case types caused UI overflow issues; added a scroll bar to fix this.

Version 1.4.0 - 09/13/2020

Optimized Table Loading:
  • Tables and other areas now implement an infinite scrolling mechanic.
  • Table data will now load much quicker.
  • Data loads effeciently even with thousands of cases or evidence items.
Optimized Search:
  • Updated the search feature for each section
  • Searching is much faster now.
Optimized Sorting:
  • Sorting is much faster now as well.
  • Implemented table sorts are now persistent.
  • Added popup notification when checking for online inquiries.
  • Will tell you if any new inquiries have been imported.
  • Added confirmation prompts when removing customizations.
  • Can now convert cases or evidence items to new progress/status when deleting a custom option.
  • Mostly mantenance updates and small bugs have been fixed.

Version 1.3.0 - 07/12/2020

Redesigned Monolith Reports:
  • Various reports that are exported from Monolith have been redesigned.
  • The case notes export has been improved to fix various formatting issues.
  • The full case report has been improved and now looks great!
  • Monolith reports are exported to Microsoft Word documents for addtional editing.
  • You can select a color scheme for report exports: Default, Blue, and Red.
  • You can also edit one of these styles within a Word document and add it to Monolith as a custom report theme.
Note Exports:
  • The note export now has improved formatting.
  • Individual notes can now be exported.
  • The full notes export will now match any note filter you have enabled.
  • Mostly mantenance updates and small bugs have been fixed.

Version 1.2.0 - 06/24/2020

Updated Contacts Section
  • The contacts section within cases is now more flexible.
  • Has a dropdown to select previous contacts.
  • Can added contact "type" - i.e. suspect, witness, etc.
Global Search
  • A new section has been added to allow searching data wihtin Monolith.
  • Just enter a search term or phrase and Monolith will search most areas and return resulting hits.
  • Most of the results will include links to the case or other section to quickly get more details about that result.
  • Mostly mantenance updates and small bugs have been fixed.

Version 1.0.0 - 05/25/2020

  • Added Column Headings to MyCases and MyTasks items in the overview section.
  • Spell check has been added. Misspelled words will be underlined with a red line, right click to reveal a context menu with word suggestions.
  • Added right-click context menu. Right clicking in Monolith now reveals a context menu that includes Misspelled word suggestions, cut, copy, paste and select all.
  • Several updates to evidence action options. Most evidence options now have a timestamp that can be set manually or a user that can be set manually. Some small imporvements have been made to the chain of custody logic.
  • Monolith is now code signed on Windows and notarized on MacOS. The code and installers for Monolith is now code signed on both platforms which now prevents Windows or MacOS from giving a warning to user when attempting to install the software.
  • Case Notes now have a filter. You can filter your notes by note tag, user, and note creation date.
  • The case note editor now expands with content so that its easier to see the content as you are drafting it.
  • Text in note cards is now selectable - allows for copying note data.
  • Added Offices section. You can now specify different office locations which can have thier own users and evidence locations. This is designed for organizations that may have more than one physical location and would like to track and view data in Monolith based on physical location.
  • Enhanced the "Contacts" section. You can now define a contact "type", i.e. suspect, witness, POC, etc... Also the presentation of contacts has been updated to include notes entered for that contact.
  • Evidence description is now visible in the main dropdown.
  • Evidence items can now be deleted. A delete action also deletes any related child evidence items and all associated records.
  • Inquiry buttons are now 'greyed' out when the inquiry has been converted to a case. This is to show that the inquiry can not be edited once converted.
  • Added 'organization' column to cases list.
  • Enhanced Acquisition options. You now have two distinct hash values that can be recorded. Also added a duration time field to record how long an acquitiion took. This can be utilized for additional analytics in future updates.
  • Added acquitiion button to the acquitiions section. Allows users to add an acquisition directly instead of being limited to the evidence action bar in the evidence section.
  • Integrated DYMO printers for use with evidence labels. Evidence labels will now only print with DYMO printers. DYMO setup instructions have been included with Monolith halp get a printer setup correctly for use. This change was made to ensure that labels are printed correctly with appropriate margins and alignment. This also allows for more label customization in future updates.
  • Pasting Images is now limited to the Notes editor.
  • Fixed evidence folder issue. When adding evidence in the main evidence section, the evidence photos folder is now being created.

Version 0.9.1 - 04/30/2020

  • Export Evidence Chain of Custody to PDF.
  • "BIN" image type added to acquisitions.
  • Evidence Progress has been added to the Case Summary area.
  • Evidence can now be acquired even after its has been released.
  • Tasks listed in the overview section will now navigate to its parent case when clicked.
  • Notes can now be deleted. Note deletions are logged in the case activity log.
  • Added "Newline" formatting to Activity Log.
  • A new option is available when creating a SQLite case database. You can populate a new SQLite database with test data. This is primarily for trial users that want to try Monolith with per-populated data.
  • Evidence table now refreshes when an evidence item is moved.
  • The Task List in the Case Summary section now only shows incomplete tasks, instead of all tasks.
  • Evidence tables now properly sort on evidence sizes.