Monolith Pro Pricing

  • Monolith Pricing

    Annual subscriptions are available

  • On-Premise Or Cloud
  • Forensic Request Portal
  • Case & Evidence Tracking with Chain of Custody
  • Track Storage, Software, & Equipment
  • Case & Evidence Metrics
  • Reporting
Custom Pricing
  • More than 6 users
  • Require Special Features
  • Migration Assistance
  • Onboarding & Monolith Training
  • Monolith Security Details & Documentation
  • Monolith Configuration and Install Assistance

License Details

  • Monolith is available as an annual subscription per user.
  • Your license/subscription is limited to the number of users you have purchased.
  • When your license expires, you will still have access to data stored in Monolith but you will not be able to add any new data (cases, evidence, notes, etc).
  • A Monolith subscription also includes both the Windows and MacOS versions.

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