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Monolith v0.5.4 – Release Notes

I just made a major change to Monolith’s backend related to evidence items. Evidence item numbers were previously stored as primary keys in order to enforce globally unique evidence numbers. Based on some feedback I received, I realized that not … Read More

What I’m working on right now

Report Exports: I’m really not happy with the report exports in Monolith right now as they have some bad formatting – especially the case notes export. So right now I’m working through the code that generates the reports (Word Documents) … Read More

Progress Ribbons! Update – v0.4.6

The latest release has some exciting new features that I have been waiting to work on. Progress ribbons are interface elements that allow you to track the progression of cases and evidence. They can be customized to match the workflow … Read More

Monolith Setup – SQLite

I designed Monolith to be fairly easy to setup on first install, but here is a step-by-step on getting started with some additional details behind each step. Step 1 – Install Monolith If you have signed up for a beta … Read More

Monolith – Now with more Sqlite! – v0.3.2 update

I have finished adding support for a SQLite database within Monolith. This means that Monolith can be used without the need to install MySQL which is great if you just want to try it out. To use this option, just … Read More

Monolith Update Release – v0.2.12

I’ve released a new version of Monolith with a couple of bug fixes. The primary bug was an issue with creating new inquiries where they were not converting to cases after the 2nd inquiry. If you are currently testing Monolith, … Read More

Working on an internal database – Dev Blog

I wanted to write a post about what I am currently working on with Monolith.  This will provide some level of transparency into Monolith’s development for those who may be interested. I’ve heard from multiple people that testing or trying … Read More

Beta Officially Launched

The closed beta for Monolith has been launched.  The digital forensics case management app is now available as an early beta demo.  A trial of the beta can be requested here. Here is some of the feed back I am looking … Read More