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Digital Forensics Storage

Monolith Webinar #2 – How to track and record case storage for digital forensics

Let’s cover the new case storage feature of Monolith and provide suggested workflows when storing forensic images created during a forensic examination. Webinar Presentation from 08/13/2021

Digital Forensics Case Management

Monolith Webinar #1 – Getting Started with Monolith

Let’s take a high level view of Monolith to see how it will help your team track their work and evidence. We will also cover suggested workflows to get the most out of Monolith. Webinar Presentation on 08/12/2021

Report Redesign – v1.3.0

I have finally finished polishing up the reports that are exported from Monolith. Pretty much each report that is exported has to be manually written in code so it is a pretty time consuming process. I’ve been unhappy with the … Read More

Tips for X-Ways forensics

3 Tips to Get Started with X-Ways

I have used X-Ways and Winhex ever since I started my digital forensics career in 2012, thanks to IACIS, whose BCFE training course uses Winhex to train students to navigate through file systems and file data. These tips are for … Read More

Forensic Case Notes App – Monolith Notes

This is an idea I have had for a while and I finally got some time to put it together. Monolith Notes is a free desktop app that you can use to write your forensic case notes. Before I made … Read More

Programming in DFIR

3 reasons why you should develop programming skills to succeed in digital forensics

Around the internet I keep seeing this topic appear among people interested in working in DFIR. The question is almost posed as “I don’t have to learn to code, right?” like programming is an awful skill to have. The truth … Read More

Get Monolith Setup in 2 Minutes

In this video, I demonstrate how quick and easy it is to get Monolith installed and ready to start managing your forensic casework and evidence. With the SQLite option, Monolith is ready to go in 2 Minutes!

Monolith Update v0.8.1

Here are the new features added to Monolith in this update: Enhanced Evidence Item Edit You can now edit all traits for an evidence item. Any user can edit, but I added very detailed logging of this in the activity … Read More

Weekly Build – v0.6.3

I was going to release this version on Sunday, but there were a couple of critical bugs that were brought to my attention that I wanted to fix asap. The Observer RoleI have added a new user role called “Observer”. … Read More

Monolith Update – v0.6.2

I just released the latest Monolith build today and it has a lot of updates – Bugs – – Fixed charts issue where some stats were showing non-terminating decimal amounts; they now only show 2 decimal places. Features – – … Read More