Report Redesign – v1.3.0

I have finally finished polishing up the reports that are exported from Monolith. Pretty much each report that is exported has to be manually written in code so it is a pretty time consuming process.

I’ve been unhappy with the report formatting for a while, especially the notes export due to various formatting inconsistencies. Now, case notes in Monolith will export with all formatting applied into a Word document.

Report Themes

There are now three report color “themes” you can choose from the Monolith settings menu:

Theme selection

The three colors are Default (dark), Red and Blue. You can also upload a custom XML file that is exported from a modified Word document. Just take a Monolith report, modify the current paragraph and table styles, export the styles.xml file embedded in the Word doc, then upload to Monolith. This way you can create your own color report colors and formatting.

Report Building

If you haven’t had a chance to use Monolith yet, it has a case report feature that takes all the data entered for a case and exports it out to a Word Document that can be edited. The report currently includes the following items:

  • Cover Page
    • Includes org logo and name
  • Table of Contents
    • Lists all sections in the reports with page numbers
    • Each item is a hyperlink to that place in the report
    • Converts to PDF nicely, even with hyperlinks intact
  • Case Summary
    • Case number, reference, and synopsis
    • Client or Case agent information
    • Analysts assigned to the case
  • Evidence
    • Lists each evidence item
    • Evidence information
    • Chain of Custody
    • Lists each acquisition and image details
    • Evidence photos are embedded into the report
  • Analysis Section
    • This is an empty section where you can draft investigative findings or narrative.
  • Tasks
    • Task overview that has number of case tasks and hours spent
    • Task summary that lists each task and its time spent and description
    • A table of detailed time entries data
  • Case Notes
    • All case notes are included in this section
    • Formatting is preserved
    • Any pasted images are also included
  • Documents
    • A list of documents uploaded to the case
  • Contacts
    • A list of all contacts added to case in Monolith
  • Activity Log
    • The audit log for this case is included

These sections can be selected when generating a case report:

Case Archive

Monolith can also export a case archive which takes all the files stored in the folder for that Monolith case and places them into a zip file. This is an easy and quick way to store and transport file data associated with your case.

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