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This is an idea I have had for a while and I finally got some time to put it together. Monolith Notes is a free desktop app that you can use to write your forensic case notes.

Before I made Monolith Pro, I normally would write my forensic case notes in Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, or even Notepad++. I’ve also used OneNote before also, but none of them felt quite right.

When I developed Monolith Pro, I wanted the case notes feature to be straight forward but allow formatting and pasting images. These notes also needed to be filterable, sort-able, and associated with a specific case. I liked the result so much that I always wanted to pull that feature out of Monolith Pro and make a free app out of it for everyone to use.

If you would like a free copy of Monolith Notes, just sign up here to get a Windows Installer:

Here is how it works…

Start by Adding a Case:

Add Case to store forensic case notes
Add Case in Monolith Notes

In the main case area, you can add a new case to store notes by clicking the “New Case” button. This will present a pop-up windows where you can add some standard case metrics including a basic case synopsis. When finished just hit the submit button to create the case.

You will see the case you just created in the Cases menu – you can click on that case to start drafting case notes. In the Cases section, you have the following features:

  • Add a case
  • Filter cases by case lead, status, type, and open date
  • Export the case table as a CSV file – only items in view will export
  • Choose the case columns you want to be visible
  • Search the case table for any text string

Navigate to the New Case and Draft a Note:

Draft Forensic Case Note
Case Note Draft Area

Once you are in the case, you can now open the note draft area and start writing a note. Here you can add a tag to categorized your note, and start drafting a formatted case note. You can also paste in copied images by pressing CTRL-V.

Submit the Drafted Note:

Forensic Case Note
Submitted Note

Once you submit the note draft, a note card will render in the notes area for you to view. The notes will have a timestamp and the tag you entered for the note. Each note can also be edited or deleted at will.

You can add as many notes as you wish and when you are ready export the notes in a case to a Microsoft Word document. That document can then be edited, printed, or converted to a PDF document.

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