Monolith Update v0.8.1

Here are the new features added to Monolith in this update:

Enhanced Evidence Item Edit

  • You can now edit all traits for an evidence item.
  • Any user can edit, but I added very detailed logging of this in the activity log for a case.
  • The log will record when the edit was made, who made the edit, and which traits were changed.
  • Editing the received by, received from, and date received fields will also change the first record in that evidence item’s COC.

Inquiry Filter

  • I added a filter to the inquiry section.
  • You can filter inquiries by status, client type, client org, and received date.
  • The filter is persistent so whichever filter was set last will remain in place until you apply a new one.

Enhanced Drop-down menus

  • I added more keyboard functionality to several drop-down inputs.
  • This mainly applies to the add and edit pop-ups for cases and evidence.
  • Using “tab” and “enter” will have an effect on the drop-down menu.
  • This allows for entering data without using a mouse. (Just tab through inputs).

Added Dashboard for Analytics

  • I added a customizable dashboard for the analytics section
  • You can now “pin” you favorite metrics to this dashboard in the order of your choosing.
  • I also added discrete sections for Case Metrics and Evidence Metrics
  • I will add more metrics in future updates – let me know if there are any metrics you would like to have!
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