Weekly Build – v0.6.3

I was going to release this version on Sunday, but there were a couple of critical bugs that were brought to my attention that I wanted to fix asap.

The Observer Role
I have added a new user role called “Observer”. This is a user that can be added that has read only access to data in Monolith. This is a great user to have for people that just need to see data within Monolith without the need to actually use or manage anything.

Here are the primary rules for Observers:

  • They do not count against the user limit for your license.
  • These are “read only” – they cannot add/edit data in Monolith.
  • They cannot be converted to “regular” users.

Other Features:

  • Added some additional forensic image types
  • Forensic tool list is now available when adding a forensic acquisitions

The primary bug fixes relate to issues with entering case notes and exporting case note reports.
A couple of the refresh buttons were not working – these are fixed.

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