Monolith Update – v0.6.2

I just released the latest Monolith build today and it has a lot of updates –

Bugs –
– Fixed charts issue where some stats were showing non-terminating decimal amounts; they now only show 2 decimal places.

Features –
– When entering a note tag, hitting the tab button places the cursor in the notes editor.
– You can now delete a user from the team member page; also deletes their location in the locations section.
– A dark mode theme is now available; the original theme is not called ‘Light’.
– Added a software list to the evidence Acquisition pop-up; this is populated based on previously entered software and software entered into the software section.
– Added a “Received By” field the new evidence pop-up so that a user can specify which team member conducted the intake for an evidence item.
– Pop-up menus are now draggable.

Licensing –
– User creation is now enforced by license; the amount of users you create will be limited to how many licenses have been purchased.

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