Monolith v0.5.4 – Release Notes

I just made a major change to Monolith’s backend related to evidence items. Evidence item numbers were previously stored as primary keys in order to enforce globally unique evidence numbers. Based on some feedback I received, I realized that not everyone labels their evidence the same way I do.

I typically like to have my evidence labeled in such a way that there are no two evidence numbers that are the same, that way you can always retrace evidence if you find a stranded item, without having to look for it. This is just my preference though, so I updated Monolith to allow users to label evidence as they see fit.

You can know label multiple evidence items with the same number. I will probably make more enhancements to this in future to help with enforcement of lab standards.

Bugs –

  • Fixed a bug where child evidence was not recording chain of custody properly.
  • Fixed a bug where “Evidence Photos” folder was not being created for child items.
  • Fixed a bug where a debugger window was appearing when trying to print a barcode.
  • Fixed a bug where case “Contacts” would appear in the client dropdown menu when creating a new case.

Features –

  • Evidence Numbers are no longer globally unique.
    • You can know have the same evidence numbers either within a case or between cases.
  • MySQL Backups –
    • Whenever a database update is pushed through Monolith’s auto-updater, a backup of the MySQL database with be created first. This backup with be stored in the current case directory under “MySQL Backups”.
    • This backup feature will be added as a standalone option for users in future updates.
  • Barcode Update –
    • The size of the barcode has been decreased to allow more data to be stored.
    • The data within the barcode now contains the evidence number and an evidence id suffix.
    • This can be changed to something else once I get more feedback.
  • Clear New Case Inputs
    • A “Clear” button was added to the new case modal so that the inputs can be cleared as needed.
    • This will be added to additional modals in a future release.

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  1. Matt

    Awesome! Sounds like a lot of hard work and some good stuff!
    I’ll update as soon as I am in the office tomorrow!

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