What I’m working on right now

Report Exports:

I’m really not happy with the report exports in Monolith right now as they have some bad formatting – especially the case notes export.

So right now I’m working through the code that generates the reports (Word Documents) and really trying to polish them so that they look really good and professional.

Eventually, I’m going to implement options to export reports as a PDF, but that is going to take a decent amount of code to write so I would rather get the Word exports solid so that users can save them as nice PDFs as they wish.

Thinking About External Inquiry Forms:

I’ve gotten some requests to make an external form that detectives or clients can use to submit new cases, evidence, or requests for services via web browser. The idea being that the entered info would get pulled directly into Monolith. This is definitely do-able, and I am really excited to work on something like this.

However, this is one of those features that can be implemented in a few different ways and I’m not sure which route I should take:

  • Should the input form be available online?
  • or should it only be on the local network?
  • Should I create the web server code and provide to client’s for them to implement into their org website?
  • Should I just create an API within Monolith that would allows Orgs to create their own forms and insert into Monolith?
  • Should I write a separate program altogether to serve and handle external requests?
  • If its online, then it kind of ruins the offline aspect of Monolith.

I feel like there are ten different ways to do this so if anyone reads this feel free to let me know what you think at

Charts, Damned Charts, and Statistics:

I finally have some analytics in Monolith and I am really happy with how they look. I have big plans for this part of Monolith and can’t wait to add more to it.

Monolith Charts

I can literally add dozens of stats and implement dynamic dates for each stat. My future plans are to add different sections for stats, so you can look at stats for evidence, cases, or users separately.

These stats are what really encourages people to enter data into Monolith as it provides a small reward in the form of pretty graphs and pie charts. Plus the easy to pull stats that management always loves to have.

New Cases Graph
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