Working on an internal database – Dev Blog

I wanted to write a post about what I am currently working on with Monolith.  This will provide some level of transparency into Monolith’s development for those who may be interested.

I’ve heard from multiple people that testing or trying Monolith with a MySQL database a bit of a hassle due to the setup involved.  To solve this, I have written a SQL API that will allow me (in theory) to use multiple database platforms including MySQL, sqlite, PostgreSQL, etc.  

I am currently working on a version of Monolith that will use an internal database that wont require additional installation of MySQL.  MySQL is still need though to use Monolith across multiple users.

This change will make it much easier to provide a trial version of the software and easier for users to test it out and try it with only one step.  This version may be more suitable to those that don’t work in a team and don’t need the horse power and functionality of a MySQL server.

Anyway, that’s what I’m focused on now and hope to have this version out in a couple of weeks.

Happy Halloween!

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